Block-based visibility control for WordPress.

Block-based visibility control for WordPress

Show or hide any WordPress block with ease. Schedule when blocks should be visible. Restrict blocks to specific screen sizes, user roles, and more. Designed exclusively for the Gutenberg (block) editor and compatible with all blocks.


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Manage your website content with ease.

Hide any block

Manage your website content with ease

Quickly and easily hide any block on your website. This includes groups of blocks and third-party blocks from plugins such as Jetpack and WooCommerce. 

visibility_off Conditional visibility indicators

toggle_on Intuitive block sidebar controls

Schedule the visibility of any block.

Date & Time Controls

Schedule the visibility of any block

Just choose a start date and/or end date, and you are good to go. Great for content management, running seasonal promotions, and more.

alarm Show or hide blocks based on time

date_range Set a specific visibility date range

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Conditionally hide blocks based on screen size.

Screen Size Controls

Conditionally hide blocks based on screen size

While WordPress block editor is responsive and adapts to the screen size of the user, not every piece of content is designed for all devices. Effortlessly control which screens a block should be visible on.

open_in_full Up to five available screen sizes

tune Four configurable breakpoints

Choose who can see each block.

USer Role Controls

Choose who can see each block

Block Visibility comes equipped with role-based visibility controls. Is the user logged-in or logged-out? Are they a customer or a member? You decide who can see each block.

group Choose multiple roles at the same time

person_add Supports roles from third-party plugins

Plugin Settings in the Block Visibility WordPress plugin.

Powerful settings

You’re in control

Comprehensive settings allow you to tailor the plugin to suit your exact needs. Disable visibility on certain block types, decide which visibility controls should be enabled, set user permissions, and more. Nearly every feature in Block Visibility is configurable.

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Unlock the Power of the Block Editor

Effortlessly provide conditional visibility control to any block on your website.

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Compatible with all WordPress blocks.