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Date & Time

The Date & Time control allows you to conditionally show or hide blocks based on selected Start and End date/times. This control can be extremely useful for scheduling content.

How to Use

If you haven’t already, watch the video above for an overview of all the new Date & Time features available in Block Visibility 1.8.0.

Click on any block in the Block Editor and navigate to the Visibility panel. You will notice the Date & Time control located underneath the Controls Toolbar. See the screenshot below. This control is enabled be default for all blocks, but can be easily disabled by clicking on the three-dots icon and deselecting “Date & Time”.

Date & Time control in the block settings sidebar (v1.8)

The Date & Time scheduling features allow you decide when a block should be visible based on a start and/or end date. Simply select the “Now” button under the “Start Showing” heading and a calendar popup will appear. Select a date and time and the block will be hidden until that date. Similarly, if you set a “Stop Showing” date and time, the block will be hidden at that time.


Note that the timezone reflects the WordPress date and time settings for your site. To change this, edit them in the General admin screen, see below. You can also edit the date and time formats to better suite your needs and this will be reflected in the Block Visibility user interface.

WordPress General admin screen with settings for timezone and date/time formats

How to Disable

If you would like to disable the Date & time control at the block level, simply click on the three-dots icon in the Controls Toolbar and deselect it. That said, if you don’t think you will need this control on your website at all, it can be disabled globally in the Visibility Control Settings.

Note that if this control is disabled globally, any blocks that are actively being hidden by the Date & Time control will become visible again.

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