Block Visibility Premium

The core Block Visibility plugin will always be available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. However, we are looking into developing a premium (paid) add-on that will feature more advanced visibility controls and functionality. The current roadmap is outlined below in relative order of importance. Many of these features may end up in the free version of plugin as well.

Development Roadmap

  • Contextual indicators in the editor for hidden blocks (Added to free version)
  • The ability to schedule blocks with Date/Time visibility controls (Added to free version)
  • Day of the week controls for Date/Time visibility
  • Fullsite editing integration
  • Visibility notes (allow users to store block-level notes about the visibility settings, useful for teams managing a single website)
  • User restrictions (limit who can control visibility)
  • PHP visibility control (allow advanced users to write their own PHP based visibility conditions)
  • More to come…

If there a feature you would like to see included in Block Visibility, let us know in the plugin support forum on or submit an issue on GitHub.

Unlock the power of visibility control

Compatible with all blocks.